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Our Services
Quality Herbal Medicines
Pulse Diagnosis
Prakriti Examination
Satwa Ayurveda
Panchakarma Preventive & Curative
Training cum Certificate Courses
Kalpa indoor treatment
Medical Tourism or Ayurveda Tourism

Satwa Ayurveda offers you a wide range of programs in Aurvedic field. We have some special and unique treatments

1) Quality Herbal Medicines
2) Pulse Diagnosis
3) Prakriti Examination
4) Specialisation in Life Style disorders as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint Pains, Skin Diseases, Alimentary Tract disorders, Migraine, Asthma, Drug Deaddiction etc.
5) Panchakarma Preventive & Curative
6) Training cum Certificate Courses inAyurveda Medicine & Panchakarma
7) Kalpa indoor treatment package for specific disorders
8) Medical Tourism